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Ahava and Blessings

You are warmly invites you to join me and our international spiritual community on the 22nd of each month for The Aramaic Magdalene Rosary Collective. This regular gathering, freely offered to all, is a container of spiritual nourishment, sacred consecration, and the embodiment of the profound wisdom and activations held in the Aramaic Magdalene Rosary.

Our sessions are marked by the shared recitation of the Aramaic Magdalene Rosary, a deeply devotional practice that aims to awaken and strengthen our Light Bodies, cultivating a harmony of grace and peace with Shekhinah, the Divine Feminine Presence. This is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the resonant language of the Aramaic prayer, an ancient and powerful tLight Language that can lead us to profound states of unity and transcendence.

In addition to this communal prayer, I will share valuable transmissions from Mary Magdalene and the Light Beings of the Spiral of the Rosa Mystica. These transmissions are unique to each gathering, often resonating with the collective energy present, providing guidance, clarity, and healing precisely when it is needed.

Our community is the heart of these gatherings. As we come together from all corners of the globe, we cultivate an atmosphere of unity, respect, and mutual support. Regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey, you will find a welcoming space in our collective.

Mark your calendars for the 22nd of each month and set aside time to immerse yourself in the spiritual wisdom and devotional practice of the Aramaic Magdalene Rosary Collective. This is an opportunity to deepen your understanding, nourish your spirit, and connect with a community of like-minded souls.

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing in this beautiful, transformative journey together.


The Desert Rose Mystery School


Ahava y Bendiciones,

Estás cordialmente invitado/a a unirte a mí y a nuestra comunidad espiritual internacional el 22 de cada mes para El Colectivo del Rosario Magdalena Arameo. Este encuentro regular, ofrecido libremente a todos, es un recipiente de nutrición espiritual, sagrada consagración y la encarnación de la profunda sabiduría y activaciones contenidas en el Rosario Magdalena Arameo.

Nuestras sesiones se distinguen por la recitación compartida del Rosario Magdalena Arameo, una práctica profundamente devota que busca despertar y fortalecer nuestros Cuerpos de Luz, cultivando una armonía de gracia y paz con Shekhinah, la Presencia Divina Femenina. Esta es una oportunidad para sumergirnos en el lenguaje resonante de la oración aramea, un antiguo y poderoso Lenguaje de Luz que puede llevarnos a profundos estados de unidad y trascendencia.

Además de esta oración comunitaria, compartiré valiosas transmisiones de María Magdalena y los Seres de Luz de la Espiral de la Rosa Mística. Estas transmisiones son únicas para cada encuentro, a menudo resonando con la energía colectiva presente, proporcionando guía, claridad y sanación precisamente cuando se necesita.

Nuestra comunidad es el corazón de estos encuentros. Al reunirnos desde todos los rincones del mundo, cultivamos una atmósfera de unidad, respeto y apoyo mutuo. Independientemente de dónde te encuentres en tu viaje espiritual, encontrarás un espacio acogedor en nuestro colectivo.

Marca en tu calendario el 22 de cada mes y reserva tiempo para sumergirte en la sabiduría espiritual y práctica devocional del Colectivo del Rosario Magdalena Arameo. Esta es una oportunidad para profundizar tu comprensión, nutrir tu espíritu y conectar con una comunidad de almas afines.

Esperamos darte la bienvenida y compartir juntos en este hermoso viaje transformador.


Desert Rose Escuela Mística

Your Instructor

Ana Otero, Founder The Desert Rose Mystery School
Ana Otero, Founder The Desert Rose Mystery School

Ana Otero is a Doctor in Dance Movement Therapy, Mystic, Dancer, Author, Yogi, Artist, and a Teacher of the Magdala-Christ Lineage Transmissions. Her love for the Aramaic language is profound and woven into the fabric of her work and teachings.

In 2011, Mary Magdalene appeared in her life. This connection, fortified by apparitions and channeled messages, led her to commit her life to spiritual exploration and growth.

Guided by Mary Magdalene's teachings, Ana Otero founded The Desert Rose Mystery School. This institution was birthed from her desire to share the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and to inspire others to delve into the spiritual dimensions of existence.

As a testament to her dedication, Ana has developed unique physical practices, known as Alaha Shela Sacred Embodiment, DMT Ritual Movement® and Magdalene Womb Yoga. These practices embody her understanding of the deep connection between physical movement and spiritual consciousness, offering a holistic approach to spiritual growth, ecstatic prayer and personal wellbeing.

As an author, she has contributed to spiritual literature with four books: "The Path of the 6 Petals", "Conversations with Mary Magdalene", "Mary Magdalene and The Path of Alaha Shela", and "Mary Magdalene and The Desert Rose". Each of these books illuminates her deep understanding of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, providing valuable insights and expansion to seekers on their spiritual journey.

Her creative expressions also find a voice in music. She has published several albums, in which she sings prayers and mantras in Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, and Sephardic languages. These languages, rich in spiritual history and significance, further enhance the mystical allure of her musical compositions.

Ana Otero loves teaching, offering various training programs, workshops, and retreats. These learning opportunities, available both in-person and online, cater to individuals with diverse learning preferences and provide opportunities to experience the various course, programs and trainings she facilitates.

Ana Otero´s holistic approach to embodied Mysticism, combined with her depth of knowledge in the fields of Wisdom Teachings, Ecstatic Prayer and Body technology, will take you to embody the Ancient Mystery Traditions and to connect with the Light of Creation that dwells within you.


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