Welcome to Magdalene Readings and Guidance, a one to one experience with Ana Otero. Your Soul has a specific imprint in this incarnation. Mary Magdalene and the Light Beings of the Rosa Mystica are here to guide you in the activation of this imprint so you can fulfill your Highest Calling.

Within the experience of your physical incarnation, your soul delights in spiraling through the experiences you choose and supports you in evolving into who you are meant to be.

I see the truth of who you are and I am here to hold this vision for you to see. I am here to remind you of what already resides within you.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero



Ana Otero


Ana Otero started to receive apparitions of Mary Magdalene and other Light Beings in the Christ Mystery School in 2011. She incorporates a Holistic Approach in her Magdalene Readings and Guidance bringing into unity the energetic, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. Every part of your tapestry is important and her intuitive and channeled Readings are revolutionary.

Ana Otero works with:

  • Channeled Message from Mary Magdalene. Sometimes messages may come in through other Light Beings of the Desert Rose.
  • Essene Healing.
  • Light Language
  • Kabbalistic Astrology Natal Charts
  • Oracular Energy Readings
  • Desert Rose Womb Activation and Healing
  • Manifestation as a Consecrated Prayer
  • Pleiadian - Hathors Healing
  • Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing

When you fill out the form please write which area of your life you would like to work with: Soul Mission, Self - Esteem, Fertility, Awakening your Creation Power, Healing the Family Lineage, Healing the Heart to attract your Beloved, Calling in the Soul of the Child you would like to conceive, Healing the Physical Body, etc.

For those who feel called to have a reading and there is no specific question area of your life you feel you need to work with, you will receive powerful guidance regarding the next steps in your life.

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